“An Immigrant’s Dream for a Better Life”

This photo essay details the life of Blanca, a pre-med student at Berkley who is an immigrant to the United States from Mexico. This is an interesting article complete with simple pictures of Blanca’s life and that of her family. This, unlike other stories, is one that is not complete.

The ‘Initiation’ portion of this story occurred when Blanca and her family moved from Mexico to Bakersfield, California. Only Blanca’s sister has United States citizenship. The family left their familiar world to enter a new world in a new country with a new culture. Some of their struggles include language barriers and struggles encountered because they are not United States citizens. The author of this photo essay became an ally to the family, following them and detailing their lives (while keeping them as anonymous as possible).

The ‘Initiation’ event occurred when Republicans in Congress wanted to undo some of President Obama’s actions to grant legal status to United States immigrants. This is one of the biggest and most current struggles that Blanca and her family are facing. While she is fairly stable and able to have a bank account, driver’s license, etc., it is still difficult for her to have the same rights and privileges as United States citizens.

The ‘Return’ stage of this story is different than that of other stories, and it is not complete yet because the story is not over. The article does not say, but I do not believe that Blanca and her family intend on returning to Mexico. They are trying to make a new life in the United States and she is trying to become a doctor. While the family is stable now, I believe their story is still in the “ordeal” part of Campbell and Vogler’s story model.

Blanca and her family are changing dynamically. Blanca’s changes include adapting to American culture and trying to overcome the struggles of being an immigrant in the United States despite Congress’ attempts to stop her from becoming a citizen. She is becoming stronger in the face of this adversity and working hard to be a good student and make a good life for herself in this country.



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