Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is a Disney video game I played when I was younger, and its story line follows the one described by Campbell and Vogler. The ‘Departure’ in the game occurs when Sora’s (the protagonist) home island is devoured by evil creatures called the Heartless. Like Campbell and Vogler describe, Sora left his comfortable home and was “called to adventure.” When he arrived in Traverse Town, another world, he was scared to learn about the Heartless and his destiny as the “Keyblade Master.” He was told he was supposed to go free other worlds from the control of the Heartless, but was reluctant. However, he was encouraged by Aerith, Yufi, and Leon, three characters who were older and wiser mentors to Sora. He then set off to other worlds with new allies Goofy and Donald to battle Heartless and “lock” the worlds so they couldn’t enter again.

The ‘Initiation’ part of this story line occurs during the time Sora and his friends arrive at Hollow Bastion, a world that is overrun by Heartless and many powerful enemies. After defeating enemies like his possessed friend Riku and Maleficent, Sora and friends enter the final Keyhole and go into the world of the Heartless. There, they fight the master of the Heartless, Ansem, and open Kingdom Hearts, a doorway of light. They have now overcome their main ordeal.

Finally, the ‘Return’ portion of the story is very short. The worlds that were overrun by Heartless are restored, and Riku, Sora, and Sora’s girlfriend Kairi return to their island after saying goodbye to their friends. Their journey home is sad because they have to say goodbye to Goofy, Donald, and King Mickey, but they get to go back home so it is also happy.

The change that occurs in Sora is huge. He becomes much more mature and worldly after traveling to so many worlds and experiencing new friendships. He also gets stronger and better and fighting because of his enemies. Finally, he develops a stronger connection to his friends and his personal values, and he learns to hold what he loves close because he understands the fragility of the world.


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