Super Mario Brothers 3- GameBoy

I frequently played Super Mario Brothers 3 on my GameBoy when I was little. This story line also follows the one introduced by Campbell and Vogler. The ‘Departure’ part of the story happens when Bowser kidnapped Princess Toadstool from the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario immediately left his home and traveled through 8 worlds in pursuit of Bowser and Princess Toadstool. He was accompanied by his brother, Luigi, and made many enemies along the way like the bosses of each of the worlds, koopas, and goombas. The “tests” that these brothers encounter are each level of the game and the final level on each world where the two need to defeat the “Koopaling” (Bowser’s child) and restore the king of that world to power.

The ‘Initiation’ stage of this game occurred when Mario and Luigi made it to Bowser’s land in the 8th world of the game. The “approach to the inmost cave” that Campell and Vogler mentioned occurred when the two journeyed through each level in this world and got closer to Bowser’s castle. The “ordeal” occurred when the two finally made it to the castle. First, the two had to travel through the castle, which was full of spikes, lava, pits, and enemies. After making it through the castle, they had to battle Bowser and make him fall to his doom in a pit. The two are then rewarded with Princess Toadstool’s release and the safety of the kingdom.

The ‘Return,’ as in Kingdom Hearts, is short in this game. Princess Toadstool, Mario, and Luigi return to the Mushroom Kingdom where they are greeted by the kingdom and rewarded and praised for their journey to find and free Princess Toadstool.

The change that occurs in Mario and Luigi throughout this story is that they become more respected. Not only are the two of them more respected in the Mushroom Kingdom because they saved the princess, but they are respected in each of the other worlds as well for returning the kings to power.


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