“Bottom of the Ninth”- Graphic Novel App

Bottom of the Ninth” is an app that is a graphic novel about baseball, but it has a twist. The story is set in the year 2172 in a city where baseball is incredibly popular. However, the game is not like the game of baseball we know today. It is more advanced, and it is a version that is enhanced by artificial gravity. The story follows player Candy Cunningham, an 18-year old pitcher playing this new game of baseball. Candy’s adventures in this new game of baseball are not all fun and games. Following her career, the readers find that she is met with much opposition from opposing teams and fans alike because they are not used to seeing a girl pitcher. Candy must fight through the many boos and jeers she receives during her career to prove that she can be great at baseball even though she is a girl.

This app is very interesting in that it takes the traditional format of a graphic novel and uses technology to spin it in a completely new direction. The pictures and graphics similar to that of a paper novel. There are a couple of unique features, however; it is interactive and it can be viewed in both 2-D and 3-D. In addition it has added music scores and touch-activated voices for each of the word bubbles in the graphic novel. This app takes graphic novels and storytelling to a completely new level and almost combines traditional graphic novels with film. This is a perfect example of the evolution of literature as we know it. The forms of electric literature that we reviewed in class were almost all interactive, and the interaction allows the user to make decisions and explore more about issues brought up in the literature. In this story, for example, the user can follow Candy during her career and experience some of the stereotypes and prejudices she is experiencing in a way that would not be possible with traditional literature.


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