“CIA: Operation Ajax”- Graphic Novel App

CIA: Operation Ajax” is another interactive graphic novel app available for both iOS and Android devices. This graphic novel is a spy thriller that follows global powers trying to take control of oil in the Middle East. British agents have been controlling the flow of oil in Iran and, although there is peace in the Middle East for the time being, it is so fragile. No agent or other character can be trusted because American, British, and Persian agents are interested in controlling the flow of oil and, thus, control many foreign powers. There are so many rumors of secret deals, revolt, and plots to overthrow the government all because of greed. This immense greed exhibited by characters of different nations causes them to commit crimes and is the reason nobody can be trusted.  This app depicts a story about the CIA’s plot to stage a coup of Iran’s government in light of all of these circumstances.

This app, like “Bottom of the Ninth” takes the traditional graphic novel format and makes it interactive utilizing new technology only possible with electronic media sources. The app uses a musical score and animation to form what the Apple App Store calls “a groundbreaking cinematic reading experience.” This app also combines an interactive graphic novel with cinematic elements to create a unique experience for the reader. The story has several complex characters and also utilizes authentic historical information such as newsreel videos and CIA documents. This not only adds to the validity of the story, but it also makes it more interesting for the person reading the novel because it enhances the quality of the story. Furthermore, the quality and interaction of this app is reflective of the tenets of electric literature that we learned about in class. This app is an evolution of literature and is an example of a new and evolving form of literature that will only become more prevalent in our society in the future.


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